"At RED by Morgan, our work begins by asking "Why?" Not only to our clients, but also to ourselves, because the "why" drives the work we do every day.” - Morgan Mickens
Standing and smiling black woman showing strength and optimism by raising and pointing her index finger to the sky.

Image of audience member from The D.O.N. Weekend

RED by Morgan offers branded photography services to community-minded Detroit organizations and businesses by developing creative visual content built by their “why”. This mission promotes clarifying and uniquely advertising their message to their audience, as well as accelerating that mission and increasing their access to funding to drive their work forward. Quality and professional images help tell your story by casting the vision of your brand through intentional photos which visually express how you serve your customers and target audience. People support who and what they understand and believe in. Highlighting your products and services, internal culture, and customer's lifestyle with photography creates an authentic showcase of who you are and will be.

RED (standing for Revitalize | Engage | Detroit) serves community-minded Detroit organizations that work every day in rebuilding the city by creating a place where people want to live, work, and raise a family. Our foundation and core values are hope, optimism, and authenticity. Photography is a creative vehicle powerful enough to change narratives, specifically by creating positive visual messages that contribute to Detroit’s revival. That includes capturing the city in a different light that people rarely see. It includes capturing authentic and genuine moments of people in spaces and interacting with others. We strive to produce the “authentically accurate” over “picture perfect”.

To date, our company has worked with over 20 businesses in the city including Detroit College Access Network, Urban Content Studios with The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan, Wayne State University’s TRIO Program, The American Heart Association, Black Girl MATHgic, The Midnight Golf Program and more.