The Detroit College Access Network (DCAN) Fundraiser and Luncheon was centered on making the case for a focus on college access and success for Detroit students, informing and increasing attendees' knowledge about DCAN, and spreading a call to action for attendees to support and partner with DCAN.

Welcome sign on display in front of a hallway leading to the luncheon.
DCAN staff operating the self-service photo booth.
Luncheon attendees smiling and conversing together.
DCAN staff checking in a luncheon attendee at the table.
White make speaker at the podium addressing the attendees.
Black make seated in the audience intently listening and watching the speaker on stage.
Black woman taking notes while at the table listening to the speaker.
White woman smiling and seated at the table during the presentation.
Black woman on the panel addressing the luncheon attendees.
DCAN staff, organizers, speakers and panelists taking a group photo on stage.
Black woman in the audience laughing and enjoying the event amongst her peers and colleagues.
Student speakers on stage presenting the audience. Black make student holding the microphone addressing the crowd.
Student speakers having fun and laughing while taking photos at the photo booth.
DCAN staff speaking with a luncheon attendee.