This 3-day conference, themed "From Inclusion to Equity" brought together a diverse group of designers, activists, planners, engineers, and government officials whose daily work contributes to the transformation and vitality of the public life for cities around the world.

Three smiling ladies wearing badges at conference at MOCAD in Detroit.
Entrance to MOCAD in Detroit where a public design conference is taking place.
A black man and woman intently talking during a public design conference in Detroit.
Black and blue image of the Public X Design conference logo on a projector.
Women with pen in here hand sitting at a table with others listening to a panel discussion at a conference,
Attendees seated in a crowded room laughing and smiling while listening to a panel discussion.
Table view of work and activities being completed by attendees with a focus on a folder titled "Designing With Stories".
A black woman seated at a table with other working on a collaborative activity.
Two smiling women collaborating at a table with other surrounded during a conference breakout session.
A white women presenting from a slideshow to a group of attendees during a conference breakout session.
A woman seated at a table working on a visual activity with large sheets of paper.
A gentleman giving a keynote presentation to a group of attendees at a public design conference.
A group of people standing in the rain with umbrellas in an artist alley in Detroit.
A gentleman in a coffeeshop talking to a group of people.
An outdoor event space with lots of greenery at Conner's Creek in Detroit.