Advancing the Mission of

Community-Minded Detroit Organizations

The best of all THAT RED by Morgan offers wrapped into one SIGNATURE SERVICE package!

Branded Photography: From Impact to Increase was created to advance the mission of community-minded Detroit organizations and businesses by visually capturing your story, what your organization or business represents, and the work you do to serve your target audience.

"Written and visual stories inform and influence."

By first understanding the "why" of the organization, a collection of impactful images are curated around that "why" providing visual proof and credibility to your target market to build more awareness of your organization, increase audience engagement and gain greater access to funding to drive the mission forward.


step 1 - discovery

  • Learn about your organization or business and discover your "why".
  • Understand your day-to-day process as an organization.
  • Review and audit your current digital visual content and footprint.
  • Identify how you will utilize the images RED by Morgan will curate specific to your needs.
Workspace image of a woman preparing for a meeting with a client.

Step 2 - prepare

  • Create shot list and storyboard which could include portraits, group shots, location, process shots, and interactive images.
  • Review shot list prior to photoshoot and confirm action steps needed in preparation for the shoot.
Flat lay image of open laptop with notebook and cell phone

step 3 - engage

  • Arrive the day of shoot, prepare equipment and walk-through the space.
  • Shoot per the shot list allowing flexibility for necessary on-site changes.
  • This signature service includes up to 2 hours of coverage at 1 event.
Image of RED by Morgan owner and photographer in front of a colorful mural holding a camera preparing to shoot head-on.

Step 4 - review

  • Review the unedited images and narrow down the best for editing.
  • Identify how specific images can be used for specific needs.
Image of RED by Morgan owner and photographer reviewing images for a client on a laptop.

step 5 - deliver

  • Digitally deliver the professionally-retouched, high-resolution images.
  • Follow up and offer any further guidance on how the newly curated images can be used.
  • Celebrate with you as the transformation begins!
Image prompting a client to download images to their computer.


Who is the Signature Service ideally for?

This service is best for a business or organization launching or preparing for a rebrand. There should be a solid understanding of your business or organization structure and goals, but there is a struggle to attract the right people, gain support, a following and funding, as your visual messaging may not be clear.

How long is the process?

From our first call to the final delivery of images, with the photoshoot(s) between, our journey together will occur over approximately 3-4 weeks.

How is this Signature Service different from others?

The goal is to create visual imagery that transforms the narratives of organizations to reach the target audience. This is achieved by thoroughly understanding your "why" and creating visual images around that. Instead of focusing solely on what you do, we look beyond the surface to get to the core of the mission.

What is the specific end result one will experience?

Clarity on your visual message to attract the right people. Confidence that the organization and brand is being authentically represented and your digital presence matches your daily work.