Photo by  J. Milhouse

Hi! I'm Morgan McDonald. Born in St. Louis, raised in Michigan, I’ve spent my life trying to figure out what it was about, and how to best engage with every layer in play. It took explorations into engineering, fashion, and finally architecture & design to realize what I loved were things which held stories in them. Photographs are like that, for me, and throughout life and love, school and work, there have always been stories to tell. The thing I’ve spent the most time on has been digitally capturing the hosts our stories find homes in.

Hosts are all around us. Moments and things we touched, that touched us, and helped shape the course of our lives. It’s the onion skin, Pigma Micron ink pen, and T-square from an architectural drafting course; hosts for my memories of where my creative interests sparked. It’s the Chevy Blazer my mom and I drove to Chicago when I left U of M Engineering to pursue fashion; every mile in it was proof of her never-ending support. It’s the Red Line and #3 King Drive bus I rode to and from work and school day after day; each trip served as a reminder of finding my independence at city speed. It’s the dining room table where an old high school friend inspired me to return to my first love, architecture and design, years after I left; it's how it all comes full circle. It’s the conversation in a New York showroom that made my vision more clear; how art and design could be used to rebuild Detroit and inspire people to believe in the city again. It’s the walk through Detroit on a beautiful day, where the buildings feel simultaneously modern and ancient, creating a sense of timelessness.

These are the moments that still speak to us, the experiences we'll never forget. How can we hold on to these moments? How can we possibly relive these experiences? My choice - through photography. I started taking photos to capture the worlds we are wrapped in, but more importantly to shape how we view those worlds and to show and tell the beauty of the stories behind the images. It was often said to me “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.” My experiences in engineering, fashion, design, and photography are the building blocks that created my story, which led me here. Somewhere between a personal portfolio and professional resume, embodying the life and story of Detroit and its people, this website captures Detroit's revitalization, seeks to engage the community and celebrates design.

I’m not sure how you found your way to my site, but I’m glad you’re here. If you want to connect with me to help you tell a story (about your home for sale, through fine art prints of this amazing Detroit city, or about an event or moment you want to remember) let's chat!