What's the difference between a Headshot and a Portrait?

Headshots are generally framed from the shoulders and up providing a professional representation of a person with a simple backdrop and stylization using traditional, even lighting. It is an ideal use for LinkedIn profile pictures, business cards or corporate and business websites.

Portraits offer full-body or half-body framing and a more artistic representation of a person. There is greater play on lighting, contrast, highlights and shadows to create more a dramatic statement image. More consideration is given to the background environment. These images are ideal for print media, magazines, social media posts, about pages, blogs, etc.

A portrait session with RED by Morgan can include both!

Do you have a studio?

Not yet! However, if an in-studio session is required, I have access to studio spaces available for rent. Nature and the built environment provide great backgrounds for portraits and the options available are endless!

How should I dress for a portrait session?

Whether you choose to dress business professional, business casual or creatively polished can vary on your industry. What is most important is you feel comfortable and true to who you are. Once your session is booked, I can certainly provide recommendations specific to your needs.